Wednesdays, November 7 through December 19, 2018
(No Class before Thanksgiving, November 21)
Instructor: Tara Giordano
Prior Experience: Not required.

Practice the basic skills required to be an actor. Begin your journey with an exploration of the actor’s vocal, physical and psychological instrument while playing fun games, creating characters, and performing with an ensemble. 

Tara Giordano, Teaching Artist
Last Seen In At STC: As You Like It directed by Michael Attenborough
Seen Around DC At: Arena Stage, Folger Theatre, The Kennedy Center, and Studio Theatre

From the Syllabus:
Participants will…

  • Work on assigned exercises, including observations and reflections, improvisations, character work, voice and movement techniques, and scene work (pulled from a variety of sources and methods).
  • Learn how to actively observe the world we live in and honestly respond to stimuli.
  • Analyze a text using an understanding of action and objective.
  • Develop a physical instrument, becoming more aware of their bodies and voices.
  • Take bold and creative risks.
  • Participate in a rehearsal process culminating in a performance.

Introduction to Acting

Nov 7 - Dec 19

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