Tuesdays, April 2 through May 7, 2019

Instructor: Hannah Hessel Ratner
Prior Experience: Playwriting class at STC or equivalent.

In this playwriting class, use source material of your choice to transform existing work into a unique theatrical adaptation. Explore a range of adaptation styles and published work each week to discover how your own voice intersects with and can be inspired by other source material.

Hannah Hessel Ratner, STC Teaching Artist, Playwright, and Dramaturg
Years with STC: 8
Last Seen: Devising and dramaturging In This Hope: A Pericles Project with The Welders
Why I Teach: “I love the connection I make with my students particularly as I get to support their creative and artistic growth.”
Best Exercise We Do in Class: “Weekly short writing warm-ups that expand what you thought was possible in theatre.”

Theatrical Adaptation

April 2 - May 7

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