Shakespeare Theatre Company TEST | Happenings 11-29-18 - Shakespeare Theatre Company TEST Happenings 11-29-18 - Shakespeare Theatre Company TEST

Come directly from work, grab a complimentary cocktail, buy a snack  and transition into the evening with a unique mix of performances.

Three poets who are women of color (Paulette Beete, Jennifer Chang, Teri Cross Davis) will present work reflecting on the themes found in An Inspector Calls. Their work explores issues of gender privilege, misogyny, racism, classism, and the impact of being rendered voiceless or impotent because of one’s gender.

An Inspector Calls and audience engagement activities are supported by the Harman Family Foundation in honor of the unforgettable Sidney Harman’s 100th birthday.

Happenings performances end at 7 p.m. If you are attending An Inspector Calls following the Happy Hour please note Thursday performances now start at 7:30 p.m.

FREE, however reservations are required. Reserve your spot today!

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Happenings Happy Hour

Poets: Paulette Beete, Jennifer Chang, Teri Cross Davis

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Happenings Happy Hour

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