Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Shakespeare Theatre Company is committed to building an inclusive organization that better reflects the diversity of the community we serve.

Shakespeare Theatre Company launched its Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee after STC members participated in Theatre Communications Group’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Institute in February, 2018. The EDI committee is comprised of more than 40 staff members from across all levels representing administrative, production and artistic areas with a mission to identify both successes and opportunities for growth regarding EDI issues at STC. The committee works to make recommendations to its leadership regarding intersectional inclusiveness and implementation strategies at all levels of the Company. Through informal monthly discussions held in an open forum and educational opportunities, this significant portion of STC’s staff gathers to identify, analyze and address obstacles to creating a truly safe, inclusive theatre for all staff, artists, audience members, patrons and community members.

STC’s EDI initiative is not something to be established and checked off a list; rather, it is a non-linear process that requires continuous movement and assessment as an organization. With a commitment to listen, learn and be accountable, STC welcomes you to learn more by contacting Dat Ngo, our Associate Director of Engagement and Inclusion, at dngo@shakespearetheatre.org.