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 Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site| ACTING FOR BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site ACTING FOR BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site

Mondays, November 1 through December 13 (no class Thanksgiving Week)

Instructor: Dan Crane
Prior Experience: Not required.

Public speaking is essential for any business professional. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to become more relaxed, organized, and persuasive, whether you are collaborating with coworkers, or the keynote at a conference. Learn fresh strategies to share your big ideas with poise and precision. Study the physical, vocal, and analytical techniques used by actors and directors to maximize the potential of every meeting, presentation, and negotiation in the business world.

Dan Crane, STC Teaching Artist
Years with STC: 13
What Students Say: I really enjoyed the instructor and content we covered in classes–the material and exercises were engaging, informative, and highly relevant for business professionals (or anyone, for that matter!). I noticed the benefits of having this time carved out each week to focus on tools and techniques for being an impactful communicator–my boss actually commented on noticeable improvements in my “meeting presence” over the last few months in the context of my annual performance review.”

From the Syllabus:
Week One: Exploring the Action
Week Two: Telling the Story
Week Three: Engaging the Voice
Week Four: Analyzing the Text
Week Five: Rehearsing the Choices


Nov 1–Dec 13

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