Mondays, September 13 through October 18

In Person: 516 8th Street SE, 3rd Floor

Instructor: Jack Novak
Prior Experience: Not required.

Tell stories on stage without performing. Learn the basics of playwriting through exploring dramatic structure, creating compelling stories and characters, and discovering the vast potential of live theatre. In this class, students will create original work as well as have the opportunity to adapt and reinterpret existing material through fun weekly writing exercises.

Jack Novak, STC Teaching Artist
Years Teaching with STC: 4
Recent Plays: This Historic Night at Capital Fringe Festival, Transferal with Rorschach Theatre
Last Seen In: Dracula (We Happy Few), Blue (Imagination Stage), The Cherry Orchard (Faction of Fools), Washington Improv Theatre.
Why I Teach: “I learn so much in every class I teach, even if it’s curriculum I’ve taught before.”
Favorite Exercise We Do in Class: “We will write monologues in which a character seems to be speaking about one thing, while really speaking about something deeper, exploring how we can imbue seemingly neutral elements with active potential.”


Sep 13–Oct 18

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