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 Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site| SHAKESPEAREAN SCRIPT ANALYSIS - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site SHAKESPEAREAN SCRIPT ANALYSIS - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site

Tuesdays, November 2 through December 14 (no class Thanksgiving Week)
In Person: 516 8th Street SE, 3rd Floor

Instructor:  Colleen Kennedy
Prior Experience: Not required.

Focusing on Shakespeare’s works, we will concentrate on the formal aspects of the script. Participants will learn the basics of script analysis for directors, actors, designers, dramaturgs, and spectators of Shakespearean performance through in-depth analysis of monologues, partner-based exercises, and editing exercises. We will attend to both the micro concerns of a play text (meter, rhyme, syntax, etc.) and the macro issues (construction, and theme/meaning).

Colleen Kennedy, STC Associate Director of Communications
Training: Ph.D. in English and Theatre from Ohio State University, studied under Royal Shakespeare Company’s Stand-Up for Shakespeare program, former freelance dramaturg
From the Syllabus:
Course Objectives: Participants will…

  • Learn about Renaissance stage conventions and how they impact analyzing Shakespearean plays
  • Read Shakespeare’s plays closely and methodically
  • Explore monologues and scenes to understand Shakespeare’s plays

What Students Say: “Colleen was very knowledgeable and her expertise is greatly appreciated. She created a fun and positive learning environment. She made learning Shakespeare exciting and I now see scripts in a different way.”


Nov 2–Dec 14

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