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 Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site| STAGING FOR THE DIRECTOR - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site STAGING FOR THE DIRECTOR - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site

Wednesdays, September 15 through October 20

Instructor: Samantha Wyer Bello
Prior Experience: Prior experience with directing for the stage will be helpful; familiarity with theatre recommended.

Immerse yourself in understanding how dynamic staging can impact your audience’s experience and your actors abilities from the professional director’s point of view. In this in-depth course, students will unpack how blocking and stage picturization is created and modified to support your story.  From a crowd scene of dozens to the smallest two-person scene, you will discover how to find those staging “sparks” that shape your play.

Samantha Wyer Bello, STC Senior Director of Engagement and Education
Years Teaching with STC: 10
Directing Website: SamanthaWyerBello.com
Last Seen Directing:  Will on the Hill at STC and Ada and The Engine by Lauren Gunderson, a staged reading at the National Academy of Sciences for Shakespeare Theatre Company
Directing Highlights: To Kill a Mockingbird, I Am My Own Wife, Noises Off! and Wetback by Elaine Romero
Why I Teach: “What a joy it is to share ideas and thoughts with a group of artists as students that are in an exploration of how they stage stories for others. Each class is unique to those in the room – online or a shared space.”
What Her Students Say: “Anyone who is considering this class absolutely should. I would never have been able to take a class with Samantha, since we are on opposite sides of the states. But thanks to this online class, I started to connect and meet with like-minded students, while also learning some amazing skills.”


Sep 15–Oct 20

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