The Young Professionals Consortium



The Young Professionals Consortium’s (YPC) mission is to cultivate an appreciation for theatre among young professionals in the Washington, D.C. area through the productions of the Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC).


STC invites local young professionals to be a part of the YPC. Members meet with each other and STC staff once a month to discuss ways to reach out to young professionals and plan YPC events. These events correspond to and supplement the plays in STC’s production season and should help to develop a fuller understanding of the shows for young professionals in a fun and social setting.

Membership is voluntary and open-ended but contingent on active participation. YPC members are expected at a minimum to:

  • Regularly attend YPC meetings
  • Leverage their social and professional networks to increase participation in the YPC and/or STC
  • Regularly attend STC performances and events
  • Encourage new membership to the group


  • Behind-the-scenes Backstage Tour of an STC production
  • Pre-Show Discussion with our staff dramaturg
  • Wine Tasting and show discussion
  • Attendance at an STC Open Rehearsal
  • Attendance at an STC Invited Dress Rehearsal

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