Celebrating the transformative power of storytelling, Shakespeare Theatre Artistic Director Michael Kahn opens the 2002-03 season with The Winter’s Tale. Written in the autumn of Shakespeare’s life, The Winter’s Tale is a mythic yet intensely human story, a deeply moving fairy-tale for grown-ups. Fleeing the austere court of Sicilia for the bright seaside kingdom of Bohemia, two generations of parents and children transcend torment and obsession. A rich tapestry of rage and redemption, this fantastical adventure threads through the winter of a husband’s jealousy toward spring’s renewal, “when a young man’s fancy turns to love.” Entwining the natural cycle of the seasons with the rhythms of human life, The Winter’s Tale is a compassionate and dazzling saga, featuring Helen Hayes award-winners Philip Goodwin as Leontes and Tana Hicken as Paulina, with Lise Bruneau and Brent Harris as Hermione and Polixenes, respectively.

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The Winter's Tale

Aug 27 - Oct 20

Michael R. Klein Theatreby William Shakespeare

directed by Michael Kahn
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