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 Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site| Prosecast: Dunsinane - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site Prosecast: Dunsinane - Shakespeare Theatre Company Development Site
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Prosecast: Dunsinane

Shakespeare Theatre Company
Shakespeare Theatre Company
Prosecast: Dunsinane

The latest Prosecast takes you inside the National Theatre of Scotland and Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Dunsinane being presented through February 21 at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. The discussion explores the play through the lens of Macbeth, Scottish history and through a conversation with the Prosecast’s first international guest: playwright David Greig.

Recorded at the Shakespeare Theatre Company by:

Hannah Hessel Ratner, Audience Enrichment Manager
Drew Lichtenberg, Literary Associate
And via Skype David Greig, Dunsinane playwright

Sound engineering and editing by Roc Lee.

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