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Postcards from Verona

Inspired by the thousands of letters that are sent each year to Verona, Italy addressed to Juliet, the Shakespeare Theatre Company has set up a pop-up post office in our lobby with a limited amount of original postcards available to be written and addressed by our patrons. Our idea is simple: you write it and we’ll send it.

This got us thinking—surely Juliet checks her email, too? So we set up a digital post office. Our hope is that something as simple as a postcard could help our patrons feel connected to those they love or reconnect with those they have lost touch with. Pen a note to an old friend, a loved one, or write an email to Juliet herself (she can be reached at Info@JulietClub.com).

Choose one of the four postcards below, fill in your message and provide an email address.


*STC will not store your friends’ and loved ones’ email addresses once the postcard is sent.

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